Wildlife infestation is a common problem among households in southeastern Michigan. It is not entirely surprising to see raccoons, moles, skunks, opossums and other critters settling into homes in our service areas. When wild animals encroach upon your residence, it is in your best interest to consider our services.

Those unwanted critters are programmed to survive and will take hold of every advantage they have to thrive in any setting.  As a result, they can inevitably threaten the very order and safety of your household in various ways. Think twice before you lay traps and kill them off yourself.  You may get exposed to unnecessary danger if you choose to take matters into your own hands.  Let animal control experts like Natural Connections, LLC rid your home of unwanted animals the “humane” way.

Raccoons, opossums, moles, squirrels and other small creatures can inflict significant damage to your crawl spaces, walls, and ceilings if left unattended.  They chew their way through basement pipes, or even climb up and tear up you roof; costing even more in preventable repairs.  Animal removal specialists will need to trap them in a cage and release them in a remote location in the wild.  After, the same animal control experts can conduct repairs to the damaged portions of your home to reinforce them against future infestations.

Birds can likewise cause quite a headache once they nest in the spaces between your walls and roof.  To deal with severe bird infestation,  it is necessary to install a bird baffle around the nesting area.  This traps the birds and prevent them from re-entering once they have flown out.  It is necessary search for other possible nests around your home and get them off your property as gently as possible.

It is important to be careful when dealing with bats, as some species have a tendency to bite when threatened.  You can install a bat check valve at possible entry points when releasing them from their nesting locations in your house.  Be sure to seal all possible entry points to prevent their return.

Wild animals can cause unimaginable havoc and damage to property.  This does not give anyone license to treat them cruelly.  Trust Natural Connection Humane Wildlife Services for critter control and removal in the most effective and humane manner possible.

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