Bat Removal MichiganI wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for choosing Natural Connection – Humane Wildlife Services to handle all of your nuisance wildlife needs for the season.

Autumn is soon approaching which means that our ability to remove unwanted bats from homes is quickly coming to an end. Bats will generally hibernate in the attics of homes throughout the winter months. Once the cold weather sets in, our ability to remove the bats from homes are halted until spring. Common bat activity experienced by homeowners include light scratching in the ceiling, dropping found in the attic, and dropping found on the outside of the home around construction gaps.

When our company is called to remove any unwanted wildlife pests, we begin with a thorough inside and outside inspection. This allows us to determine the species of the animal and locate their primary entry point (s) inside the home. Once identified, the removal process will begin in order to remove the nuisance wildlife. In addition to these removal efforts, we can then repair these entry points to prevent further intrusions.

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