Mole Control and Removal



In their search for food, moles burrow in lawns, meadows, stream banks, and open woodlots, creating elaborate underground tunnels. They feed mainly on earthworms and insect larva (grubs). They prefer loose, moist soil shaded by vegetation.


As they burrow, they sometimes damage plants, but the major problem with moles is the mounds and ridges that disfigure lawns. As they tunnel just below the surface, moles raise up the sod with their front digging feet, looking for food or new tunneling sites. They can push up surface tunnels at the rate of a foot per minute if soil is loose.

Removal and Prevention:

The most effective method to remove mole is through trapping. Spear traps are placed on straight runs. A few moles can do extensive damage to lawns. It is nearly impossible to prevent moles from causing damage altogether. However, early recognition of a problem can minimize the damage caused from mole burrowing.