Opossums Control and Removal


Opossum Control and RemovalOpossums are related to kangaroos and are North America’s only marsupial. They prefer to live near streams or swamps. They den in the burrows of other large animals, and in tree cavities, brush piles, under sheds, and buildings. Occasionally, they move into attics and garages. They eat just about anything, from insects, fruits, grains, garbage, and pet food. Opossums are active at night. Their mating season is January to July, and they may raise two to three litters per year. Most young die in their first year. Those that survive may live up to seven years. The main complaint against opossums is that they get into garbage, bird feeders, or pet food left outside.

Removal and Prevention:

Rarely do opossum cause damage to gain entry into homes. They will enter dwellings where opportunities exist. Trapping is the best way to remove these animals.