Squirrel Control and Squirrel Removal

Squirrels (Sciurus niger) Control and Removal


Tree squirrels are found in forest areas throughout most of the United States. Many species have adapted well to suburban and city life. Occasionally, these squirrels enter buildings and cause damage or disturbance. The most common species that become pests are the gray squirrel, black squirrel, red squirrel, flying squirrel and fox squirrel. Tree squirrels usually build nests in trees. They also may store food and find shelters in attics and garages. Probably the primary way squirrels become pests are by scrambling and scratching inside attics and in wall voids. They have been known to chew on wires.


The types of activity often encountered include fast bounding, chewing, fighting, and the sounds of objects rolling within an attic. Homeowners may also find noticeable chewing on areas on their home.


The dangers associated with squirrel infestations include the possibility of squirrels gaining entry into the living quarters of the home, water damage caused from chewing, and electrical fires caused from chewing on wires.

Removal/prevention measures:

The most effective method for removing squirrels from attics or basements is through trapping. Traps are typically placed outside a frequented entry hole which can be identified through a round chew hole, droppings, and brown smudge marks. It is important to constantly monitor the chew holes throughout the trapping process to ensure that all of the squirrels have been removed from unwanted areas. Once the activity has stopped for two days, repairs can be conducted to prevent further activity