Cooler Temperatures Lead to Increases in Squirrel Activity in Homes

Cooler Temperatures Lead to Increases in Squirrel Activity in Homes Oakland & Macomb County Squirrel Control

As autumn arrives, cooler temperatures tend to push squirrels into attics. The most common types of squirrels that become nuisance pests include the fox squirrel, grey squirrel, black squirrel, and red squirrels. They become nuisances because of their ability to chew holes into the soffits and fascia boards of homes to gain entry into attics. They do this because attics provide them with shelter in the winter months where they can store food and give birth to their young. Typical squirrel activity in terms of noises includes rapid movement in the ceiling and loud chewing on wood or nuts. It is also common to hear the rolling of the nuts that they bring into the home as storage for the winter months.

Aside from the annoying noises that they make and the damage that they create on the outside of the home, they pose another threat if they choose to chew on electrical wires commonly found in attics. Two squirrels can quickly turn into seven as spring arrives. Squirrels are known to have up to two litters per year which litter sizes typically range from four to six squirrels per litter.

The professionals at Natural Connection LLC Humane Wildlife Services will be able to control any squirrel issues that you may be experiencing and prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future.

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